Posted on 16 May 2024 by Kai Pastor

We are proud to announce the release of OpenOrienteering Mapper 0.9.3. This official release includes bug fixes and new features. Key changes since v0.9.2 are:

移动 宽带测速- 狗急加速器

  • When drawing, follow border lines of line symbols, just as following the middle line.
  • Improved geospatial data handling with GDAL:
    • Detecting drivers by file content if possible.
    • Opening OziExplorer’s files as templates.
    • On import, clip vector data to the declared extent, useful for exports from OSM.
  • Simple support for NMEA position sources on Linux and macOS (e.g. from Bluetooth).
  • Additional space between object control points and selection rectangle.
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  • Translation updates.

移动 宽带测速- 狗急加速器

  • Specifying raster image coordinate reference system.
  • Positioning of new OCD templates, and positioning of some existing templates.
  • Initialization of georeferencing for OCD files.
  • Vector data coordinate transformations for certain CRS, affecting e.g. EPSG:27700 (OSGB36).
  • OSM import of roads.
  • Handling of border line as area outline.
  • Rare crashes.

This release contains 196 commits with 133 changed files since v0.9.2. Many thanks go to 26 contributors.


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Posted on 15 March 2024 by Kai Pastor

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New features:

  • Extended raster file format support via GDAL. JPEG2000 supported again! There is also a new manual page on geospatial data formats in GDAL.
  • CoVe, a Contour line Vectorization tool for raster templates. CoVe manual page
  • Preliminary ISSprOM 2024 symbol set replacing ISSOM. Color list subject to changes.
  • Croatian und Portugese (Portugal) translations (work-in-progress).

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  • Empty map display in Condes.
  • OCD export of pattern rotation.
  • Georeferencing issues.
  • Template issues.
  • Some crashes.

This release contains 254 commits with 308 changed files since v0.9.1. Many thanks go to 19 contributors.

Download v0.9.2 »

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Posted on 05 December 2024 by Kai Pastor

We are proud to announce the release of OpenOrienteering Mapper 0.9.1. This official release includes bug fixes and updates. Key changes since v0.9.0 are:

  • ISSkiOM 2024 symbol set.
  • Baseline and hatched areas view for touch mode UI.
  • Export of pattern clipping options to OCD 12.
  • Fixes for georeferencing and coordinate issues.
  • Fixes georeferencing setup and symbol assignment inconsistencies on data import.

This release contains 152 commits with 130 changed files since v0.9.0. Many thanks go to 14 contributors.

Download v0.9.1 »

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Posted on 22 October 2024 by Kai Pastor

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  • ISOM 2017-2 symbol set.
  • File formats:
    • Significantly improved OCD format support, including export up to version 12, georeferencing and symbol icons.
    • GeoTIFF template support.
    • Geospatial vector data export.
  • Tool improvements:
    • The Edit-objects tool respects corners.
    • The Scale-objects tool optionally resizes multiple objects in their original location.
  • Android:
    • Adjustable tool button size.
    • 64-bit support.
    • Standby/background operation improvements.
  • “Touch mode” available for PCs:
    • Keyboard-less fullscreen editing like on Android.
    • GPS support also for Windows/macOS/Linux. Note that access to the Windows location requires .NET Framework 4 and Powershell 2 (included in Windows 10).
  • Significant modernization of 3rd-party components (Qt 5.12, PROJ 6, GDAL 3). Note that this also means that some older versions of operating system are no longer supported by Mapper.

Less visible but nevertheless important is the introduction of a continuous integration process with test automation for macOS, Linux and Windows on the Azure Pipelines services from Microsoft. Together with the Open Build Service for Linux, all release packages are created in an automated way now. This greatly improves our ability to do frequent releases with confidence in quality.

This release contains 845 commits with 517 changed files since v0.8.4. As usual, many thanks go to the 14 contributors, but also to all those who helped finding issues with the ‘dev’ pre-releases. There is work-in-progress on ISSprOM 2024, but it is not included yet.

Download v0.9.0 »

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Posted on 16 September 2024 by Kai Pastor

Mapper 0.9.0 is coming closer. There has been a lot of progress since v0.8.4. While we didn’t report any details here, we continued to provide snapshots of the development work for testing. The ‘unstable’ builds we used to provide for Windows via Open Build Service have been replaced by ‘dev’ builds for Windows, macOS and Android, published on our Releases page on Github. These builds are done on Microsoft’s Azure Pipelines service now, and we will create the official releases in the same way. Continuous integration in Azure Pipelines already helped a lot in verifying the quality of the source code.

The latest ‘dev’ build was published yesterday. Its major addition is support for enabling touch mode (i.e. the mobile user interface) on PCs, and access to the GPS location on Windows (for tracking in touch mode).

Since v0.8.4, the most prominent improvement is the extended OCD import and export, which now covers more versions and features. Another addition is GeoTIFF support. Of course there were significant updates to third-party components, and updates required for supporting new Android versions.

By testing the dev builds, you can help us to remove sharp edges before releasing Mapper 0.9.0.

There is work-in-progress on ISSprOM 2024 and ISOM 2017-2 symbol sets, but these are not included yet.

Download dev-v20240915.17 »

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